Please, ask for a photo.

Back in the day when I would cosplay at a con, I would notice other convention goers taking pictures of myself, or other cosplayers, from far away. Usually these pictures are of cosplayers mid-sentance, mid-hamburger-bite, whatever. Nothing looks more awkward than a Sailor Moon cosplayers sitting down, minding her own business and eating some food, when someone randomly gets a shot of her. I understand candid shots, but those are an art form that very few convention going photographers know how to pull off. Random dude with a point and shoot, you are not one of them.

While an argument can be made that if you are in costume, naturally you want people to take your picture. Of course, why else would I dress like this? But when I’m eating, DO NOT TAKE MY FUCKING PICTURE. I’ll take a photo of you on the crapper and see how much you like it, you asshat. The people who take pictures from a distance are also annoying. You’re at a con with several thousand other people. I’m willing to bet your world wont end if you ask a cosplayer for a real photo. I’m also willing to bet the cosplayer will not bite off your head! Hell, he or she may even be friendly!

Bottom line is, you look creepy when you take a photo from a distance. Is there something wrong that you can’t ask? If you are that shy, why are you at a con with several thousand other people. That seems very counter productive.

No really, ask for a picture.




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