Justice League: Cry For Justice

Is awesome. I just started reading moderns within the last year, and picked this up since it has my secret fictional boyfriend Hal Jordan in it. While I don’t know the back story to all the characters, it’s still easy to follow, and a great stand-alone series outside of the Blackest Night universe. The art however, is beautiful.

The series deals with the current JL dealing with, and seeking revenge on the deaths of their friends (Batman, for example). It’s a great story with a lot of angst, but not in that annoying 15-year-old Hot Topic kid kind of way. The relationships are pretty clear-cut, with Green Lantern and Green Arrow sticking by each other, while Supergirl and Captain Marvel’s relationship is just starting…but ultimately goes awry.

As I said earlier, the art is awesome. I’m a big fan of good art, and that’s what ultimately draws me into a new series. Mauro Cascioli is the artist, and he’s the shit. I’ll stop kissing this guys ass, but seriously, look at this shit right here:

That’s awesome.

The hardback GN will be out later this year if you’ve skipped out on the series thus far, but I urge you to check out the GN. It’s a good read, I promise.




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