In defense of Transformers.

Last summer I saw Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen in science center IMAX. I went in expecting nothing but giant robots beating the fuck out of each other, and guess what! THIS MOVIE DID JUST THAT! Yet I left the theater to the sound of my fellow patrons complaining about the movie. Excuse me, what the fuck did you think you bought tickets for? The Dark Knight? Did you not notice that the director was Michael Baysplosions? ALL OF HIS MOVIES ARE SHITTY. But they’re enjoyable, made for money, and I don’t have to think at all to enjoy them. It’s a mindless summer popcorn flick. That’s all I expected, and frankly anyone looking for a plot or good acting is a fucking idiot.

Plus, when your director looks like this: (HINT: HE’S ON THE LEFT)

What do you really expect from a summer popcorn flick?

Now, growing up I did not watch Transformers. I was too busy trying to get my Batman and Barbie dolls to make out. I did recently watch some episodes, and frankly the cartoon sucks. Of course it was a show made for 6 year olds based on a toy line, so I can’t be too harsh. But people are honestly complaining about how bad Transformers, the movies, are. Since I guess no one really wants to admit that the cartoons they loved as a child are really fucking stupid, I’ll admit it for you: It’s stupid. It’s a cool concept, or at least it was in the 80’s, but we’ve come a long way since the 80’s. I can be woman enough to admit Sailor Moon fucking sucks now that I’m watching it as an adult, but I’ll always love it for what it ment to me as a child.

I mean, for fucks sake people, just enjoy the movie for what it is. Stop trying to find some deep, meaningful story because there is none. And, enjoy it for how fucking goddamn bad-ass the CGI is. I dare you to look at this and NOT think it’s bad ass:

Yea, that’s what I thought.


Totally didn’t talk about this with Lauren, ever, but experienced exactly the same thing. Only, minus the IMAX. If Eric’s little brother was not sitting on the other side of him, I would have started humping my boyfriend after the intro scenes were done. I have creamy little girl panties for that movie.




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