Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

On the outskirts of downtown Baltimore, in front of Camden Yards, lies one of Baltimore’s hidden gems. I say hidden because Geppi does a piss poor job of advertising his museum. Many comic book or pop culture fans that I know here in the great town of Baltimore have never even heard of the place. To my knowledge, he advertises in the following places:

Overstreet Price Guide
Baltimore Magazine (which he runs)
Various online sites (CGC Boards)

I don’t recall ever seeing an ad in Wizard, or even City Paper.  Lack of good advertising aside, the museum is pretty awesome. It’s cheap to get in (around $10 a person, but you can get in for cheaper if you ride certain public transit, or have student I.D) but sort of hard to find. It’s located inside of Camden Station, outside of Camden Yards, right next to a Light Rail (Baltimore’s above ground metro) and across from the Baltimore Convention Center. You’d think this would be an ideal place, but it really isn’t. Most local’s don’t notice it, and most tourists don’t stray that far away from the actual Harbor itself.

The one time a year I could see it doing a ton of business, is when Otakon (an anime convention) comes to town. Otakon brings in around 30 thousand people annually for three days–Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. An IDEAL time for them to plaster their name all over the city, to offer discounted admission for attendee’s, you know the drill. But no, every year roughly 30 thousand people ignore the place because they have no clue it’s right under their nose. I did happen to go Friday of Otakon, in the middle of the day. They did offer a Otakon discount, but I didn’t recieve it since whomever was working the admission desk didn’t know what was going on or something stupid. Hell there wasn’t even a sign saying ‘Otakon attendee’s half off!’.

So smack dab in the middle of a Friday, you’d think there would be a large crowd. Nope. Nada. Besides myself and two of my friends, there were maybe 2 other people visiting. The rest of the people were employee’s. This is not unusual for the museum either. I’ve gone multiple times since 2007, always on Saturday’s, and the place maybe has 10 people inside of it at best. The only time I’ve ever seen it busy, is when they’re playing host for a party.

Aside from all of that, the museum is really awesome. It’s mostly a warehouse of Geppi’s stuff that happens to be on display. Every so often exhibits will change to add some spice to the museum. The last time I was there the pioneer room was pretty empty since they were changing stuff. Shame too, because I love Victorian age and Platinum age comics.

To illustrate how awesome this place is, here’s some photo’s taken by myself, and Patty Boh from Flickr.

Clearly there’s something for everyone at this museum. I urge all of you to visit this place at least once. Take a day trip down to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, eat a crab cake (because that’s really all we eat here in Baltimore. …) and then enjoy a nice afternoon at the Geppi Museum. I guarantee it’ll be nice and relaxing since you may end up being the only people there.


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One Response to “Geppi’s Entertainment Museum”

  1. zuckuss2003 Says:

    Great post Lauren. The museum is fantastic and should be advertised more. I have been there 3 times and am always 1 of about 5 visitors (usually the 5 includes my wife and 2 of our guests).

    I love the comic collection, the toy collection, and the comic history section. I enjoy visiting each fall (usually after a O’s game) and see what comics I have recently acquired are also for display here. It helps make my habit seem to mean something for my wife to see comics I own also displayed in a museum.

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