Comic book clothing for your 8 month old.

I can say with certainty that now is the perfect time to be a comic book nerd with a kid, or a kid on the way. Like my Dad did, you probably hope your kids will share in your  geeky hobby of comic books. In the past it was harder. When I was born, Batmania had swept the country due to the Tim Burton films. So maybe it wasn’t so hard with me. Batman did get me hooked thanks to my Dad turning it on everyday. But growing up I certainly don’t recall there being any comic book clothing for children. Trust me I looked. If I had a Batman hoodie available to me in my size as a 7-year-old, I would have thrown the temper tantrum of the year for it.

Today my Dad and I walked through our local Old Navy and were surprised at the amounts of baby comic book gear that was available! If you have a 6-12 month year old you’re in luck! Old Navy carries Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Superman hoodies for them. They also have tee shirts with Iron Man, Batman, ect, for your 6 month old baby.

Really though, this is awesome:

Another popular retailer, Target, also carries baby super-hero clothing! Both places have pretty comparable pricing though.

I don’t have any kids, but I assure you I’m stocking up when the time comes. You never know when this super-hero trend is going to die, so better get it now while the going is good.




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