Batgirl Pilot

Haven’t seen the Batgirl pilot yet? Here, allow me:

Obviously it would have been a spin-off to the Adam West show, or maybe it was a way to introduce Batgirl to the networks for the already existing show. Either way, unlike her female counter part Wonder Woman, Batgirl is beauty, brains, has a job, AND kicks ass while saving Batman and worthless Robin. But what strikes me is odd, is that Bruce Wayne is in the library. If you happen to be one of the richest men in the tri state area, or half of the country, or is the Goddamn Batman, then you probably have no use for a library. You probably have a pretty awesome library at home. But then again, if you’re Bruce Wayne, you’re clearly at the library looking for some booty. Clearly this is the only reason Wayne would ever be seen in a library. Even if his “ward” was with him. Showing off your adopted son to the ladies always adds points.

The villains here are odd. All Batman villains are odd. But these guys are hanging out, in a library, while wearing hats with antenna on them. Now, maybe I’m just guessing, but if an odd ball bunch of guys wearing costumes in the middle of a month that is not October were in my place of business? I would ask what the fuck they were doing, and to get the fuck out. 

I also don’t know why she keeps her Batgirl costume at the library. Is the library constantly attacked by menacing thugs? Does she have a problem with the Joker not returning books on time? I must give props that she uses the cape as a skirt though, thats pretty awesome.

And hahahahaha Robin is clearly jealous of Batman slobbering all over Batgirl. Oh Robin, you are as useless as Aquaman, but I like you slightly more because you’re with Batman.




One Response to “Batgirl Pilot”

  1. Arcade Says:

    Obviously Batgirl has never heard the phrase “Time is of the essence.”
    Love how she hangs up her blouse on the hanger like something out of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, while who know what is going on with the bad guys.
    Then later on has no trouble pointing a laser that will “destroy anything” right at Batman and Robin.
    Thanks for the unseen promo.

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