A look back on conventions of 2009: New York Comic Con

With the 2010 convention season just months away, let’s have a look back on some of the cons of 2009. Included are New York Comic Con, Wizard World Philly, Baltimore Comic Con, and Big Apple Comic Con.
New York Comic Con:

New York Comic Con 2009 was my first year attending the con. While I had some issues with the con at first (such as my pre-reg never actually going through), it was still enjoyable. But it was also bitterly cold (which they couldn’t help) and crowded. The con center was also hosting a different convention that same weekend. The artists alley is always my favorite spot of the con, and also where I spend the most money. I got a sketch done by Dan Parent, one of the most talented Archie artist on their roster. Since the con was very over whelming for me (which is odd, since I was a veteran of Otakon) I didn’t do much else but walk around and take everything in. Perhaps in 2010 I’ll stay for the whole weekend, so I can really enjoy it!




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