R.I.P Archie Andrews

On July 16th ‘Life With Archie’ readers will get an ending to a series none of us saw coming. Archie Andrews will die. Recently sales on the comic have not been great, so this seems like a natural niche comic companies rely on. According to an interview with Jon Goldwater conducted by CNN, the decision had been planned for some time. Perhaps they knew LWA was going to be short-lived? The series has certainly been interesting. The gang’s beloved high school teacher Ms. Grundy passed away in it. Rich red-head Cheryl Blossom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kevin Keller got married. LWA was an innovative series for Archie, and I’m sad to see it go.

We will get to see how the world is without Archie too. The series will end with issue 37, a year after his death. Maybe we won’t get a real answer to the timeless question, Betty or Veronica? Maybe it doesn’t really matter.

Viva la Archie!



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