Everything Is Awesome!

Let’s assume you’re reading this because you’re like me, and you generally enjoy rad things. I saw The Lego Movie last night. The previews were generally promising, but this movie could have gone either way. Thankfully it went in the way of awesomeness, and made for an enjoyable time in the theater.

Meet Emmet. Just a regular guy working a regular job, and nothing really special to offer anyone. He follows directions (“root for local sports team”, “return a compliment”) and doesn’t do anything that would make him particularly special. One day after work, he notices a young woman digging through his construction site. He goes to confront her, but it blinded by her beauty. When he goes to talk to her, Emmet falls through a crack, falls down a few tunnels, and accidentally finds “the piece of resistance”. Could this mean that Emmet is actually special, and can save his Lego town?

The movie isn’t as wildly complicated as you would think. Guy meets girl, gets a glue cap stuck to his back, then attempts to save the world. But the deeper messages in this movie are important for both kids and adults. Emmet is scared to break away from his normal, rule following life. He listens to what’s popular, watches popular shows, and is perfectly happy with it. His female companion WyldStyle is your typical rebel: anti conformity, rule breaking heroine who’s perfectly happy. These characters are very different but they all work together. The movie also pushes the idea that imagination is key. Following the rules may not always be what’s best. Sometimes you have to break the rules to find out who you are, and to celebrate your differences.

The only issue certain parents may have is the extreme marketing going on in this movie. But if you’re sincerely upset that a Lego movie, called The Lego Movie, is also a giant ad for Lego toys, you really need to lighten up. Children’s movies and shows push toys all the time, and nothing you say or do will change that. This movie is wildly enjoyably and I laughed from start to finish, and so will you.

And I won’t end this review without mentioning how terrific Batman was in this movie. Arguably the funniest character in the film, this is a terrific parody of the character we all know.

Everything is awesome!



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