Dark Elves VS. Asguardians

Dark elves, Gods, and death! Oh my! ‘Thor: The Dark World’ continues Marvel’s money making extravaganza of Avenger themed movies.Thor starts off as you may imagine: There’s an epic battle between the Asguardians and the Dark Elves. Thor’s Grandfather, Bor, tries in vain to defeat them. The King of the Elves Malekith has an evil power called the Aether that can turn the whole universe dark and gloomy and dead. Bor wins the battle (but only after King Malekith sacrifices his people for his own survival) and seals the Aether somewhere deep, dark, and away from any pesky things.

Meanwhile in modern day Asguard, Thor and his merry bunch are busy restoring peace in the nine realms.

So what about poor Jane? She’s kind of depressed, is trying to get out of the house, but frankly no mortal man will ever live up to Thor. While on a date with a charming mortal British man, her sassy intern Darcy crashes the date to pull Jane away for urgent scientific stuff. Some kind of boring stuff happens (Oh look a portal in the middle of an abandoned building!) and then Jane wanders away because she’s picking up some heavy readings (Thor?) on her scientific Thor stalking device…and is promptly dragged into a dark room which is really the portal to where the Asguardians hid the Aether…which promptly inserts itself into Jane. And now since the Aether is “free”, Malekith is heading back to Asguard and Earth in search of it, so he can finally destroy the universe.

I don’t like to give away all plot points in a review so I’ll stop there. The movie seemed to carry on at times, but it wasn’t frequent enough to make me want to fall asleep. The gags were all there. Stan Lee’s cameo was appreciated, but myself and my best friend had one question: Where the hell was S.H.I.E.L.D in all of this? They have such a strong presence in every other Marvel movie, yet here it was as if they didn’t exist. While I may not have been fond of Agent Coulson when I first met him, he is without a doubt my favorite Marvel character now.

The acting was fantastic, but Tom Hiddleston stole the show as Loki. Just like Robert Downey Jr. brought Tony Stark to life, Hiddleston has made the malicious and cunning Loki lifelike and even human in some respects. He is the best anti-hero in the Marvel movie universe. Bring tissues, because there are some true tear jerking moments that deal with him. We also need more of Idris Elba’s Heimdall. His unwavering loyalty to Asguard (especially Thor) is truly touching. Since most of this movie takes place on Asguard the CGI is in full swing in this movie. The movie is visually stunning, and the story will draw you in. This is a fantastic follow up to both Thor and The Avengers, and I strongly urge you to see it.



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