This one time, I was on Comic Book Men.


Earlier this year I saw a thread on an anime website for a production company looking for cosplayers. Turns out it was actually for Comic Book Men. When I started talking to a casting agent, she decided I’d do better talking about comics on the show. Why? Because frankly I know a lot about comics–specifically Archie. I did a few interviews, talked to a lot of people, and one thing led to another and I was told when to come up for filming.

So off to Jersey I went on a beautiful Tuesday. I was pretty nervous, but that’s to be expected. But then when it was go time, it wasn’t so bad. I brought in my under copy of Archie #18, an un-restored CGC 3.5. I went in with every intention of talking about Archie, and I did! We talked about the current Archie, talked about Kevin Keller, the Kiss and Glee crossover, and a few more things. However only the Glee part made it in. I understand about time restrictions but I feel they could have done more. The problem I find with many comic shops who generally don’t deal with old comics is that they gloss over GA Archie. That’s a shame since Archie is a very important comic when talk about the history of comics. When it came time to negotiate, I asked $200 for the book. That’s roughly guide for it. Eventually we landed at $100 and that’s good enough for me.

Walt, Bryan and Mike were nice, but it was clear GA Archie was a little beyond their scope. That’s ok, I love teaching people about the fantastic history of Archie comics. You can watch the episode to see what else went on. Shame they didn’t keep the part where I asked for a job application–I thought it was pretty funny. Personally I would love to see a female on the show, or any show where there’s a female who knows a great deal about comics. Wouldn’t that be fantastic!

You can catch Comic Book Men every Sunday on AMC. My specific episode is season 3 episode 1, The Incredible Bulk.





Oh, and the Jughead tattoo I have? It’s on my hip.


6 Responses to “This one time, I was on Comic Book Men.”

  1. oakman29 Says:

    Love it Lauren you did us proud

  2. Barry Says:

    Of all the seasons to dump Comic Book Men from the DVR .. You were great on there, Lauren! You definitely had their number on GA Archie. Of course, I would hazard a guess that you would have most comic reader/collector/dealers number on GA Archie! Indeed it would be fantastic if an intelligent and knowledgeable female could be routinely revealed as a peer in the comic book boys club instead of “something” to gawk over at conventions.

    Great job BL!

  3. Dennis Hooker Says:

    You would know more about comics than all these guys put together.You came across as a smart comic collector whom knew her stuff!Was laughing my ass off when you got the blank stare about Pep 22,one of the hottest books on the planet.

  4. Sassy Mama Chama Says:

    Most things are beyond Walt, Bryan and Mike’s scope.

  5. Nanto Says:

    Great job, Lauren! It’s a shame more of your segment wasn’t used, but the part that did air was priceless. Beauty, brains, and you seemed completely at ease in front of the camera. When you asked Bryan what year he was “manufactured” and then graded him as Silver Age…priceless!

    Having you as a new cast member on that show would have been a dream come true. Just curious though, would you have actually considered moving to Jersey and taking (what’s presumably) a minimum wage job at the store if the opportunity had presented itself?

  6. Girls with Comics Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    I don’t know, honestly. I have a really rad FT job, but my passion is comic books. If it meant working with people and spreading the joys of comics..why not. I’m young enough to still follow my silly dreams. 😉

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