Harassment and Cons

I grew up in the world of comics. My dad would take me to small cons and shows across Maryland. Eventually I started attending conventions with my friends, and some shows I do solo. There had been times where someone would make some off color comment, but I could never let one bad apple ruin my love for this hobby. Recently there has been a large outcry from the women (and men!) in this fandom about how they are being mistreated at conventions. From sexist remarks to blatant sexual harassment, it seems everything is imploding on itself.

Like I said, I’ve had some rather rude remarks come my way. I’m not here to divulge my dear readers into that. What I am here to share with you is this; Women and men and everyone in between are capable to enjoy and love this and any nerd fandom as they see fit. The idea of a “fake geek girl/boy” is not for any single one of us to decide. If someone doesn’t know everything about the Platinum Age of comic books, who cares. If someone doesn’t know every little detail about the TARDIS, it is not the end of the world. That does not give you permission to belittle a person.

If a man or woman is cosplaying and they so happen to be in a skin tight costume, that is also not an excuse to harass said person. If you happen to see a lady wearing a Witchblade costume, guess what, still not grounds to make lewd remarks to her. As a cosplayer I can assure you we know we will get looks. If you have something to say that may even remotely offend the person in question…keep it to yourself.

If you have been a target (be it in cosplay or not) report it to a staff member or con security. If you see something happen, get con security. If you have to intervene do not get physical. Look out for one another, and keep in mind that everyone will express his or her fandom in different ways.

In a nut shell, live and let live.




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