My Boyfriend Was an Anime Con Virgin: Katsucon 2013

Sort of. He was familiar with Otakon (or rather, with people watching). He ad been to a few conventions before for other genres. In fact we had met at a horror convention late September. I did take him to Tigercon, a local anime convention at a college around here.It probably wasn’t the best con to take him too; the average con goer was maybe 17. Him and I are both in our late twenties.

So this past weekend we went to Katsucon! Thankfully Katsucon has a much more age diverse crowd. Plus it has some of the best cosplay you’ll ever see. He had originally wanted to cosplay as Naked Snake, and I went as Sailor V. His plans fell through, but in a way that may have worked out. If you’ve ever had a con virgin with you, you know that it’s impossible to walk a straight line without them stopping to look at something every other minute. It might seem annoying, but it was really endearing. It reminded me of my first conventions as a 14 year old. Everything was shiny and new. Watching him go through that helped me capture some bits of nostalgia as well.

We spent a good three hours in the dealers room painstakingly combing through every booth to see who had the best deals on what. We sat in the hallways and people watched. He excitedly pointed at things and asked questions. I think his new favorite anime may be Chi’s Sweet Home. We didn’t attend panels, we didn’t watch anime. We bought stuff, we people watched, and we had fun with our friends.

Yes, there was another convention in the hotel. No, we did not have any bad interactions with them. While I did see one Tweet from one bad apple of the BBYO, that was it. Everyone else gawked accordingly (but let’s be real. If you’re a cosplayer you should be used to that) but no one bothered each other. Of course that might not be the case for other con attendees.

The Gaylord is as always a great hotel, but impossible to navigate. One young lady at the check in counter had no idea where a staircase (to get to higher levels) was.That was funny to us, but ultimately she needs to know. What if there’s a fire inside of the hotel?

Also I only paid $8 for the day to park at the garage across he street. That’s about on par with what I pay to park at my garage for Otakon.

All in all Katsu was fantastic. If you’ve never been, or haven’t been in a while, I urge you to go!

Pictures I took can be found here. Enjoy! 🙂




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  1. Patch Says:

    Those of us who take bad con photos thank you for taking good ones. Linked:

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