Baltimore Comic Con 2012

The convention started off kind of rough. I was dropped off Friday afternoon to help with set up, and while there Pat’s car had been broken into. This in turn caused him to feel like crap, and therefore he didn’t join me this weekend. So I apologize for the lack of quality pictures. However because of this I wound up staying late on Friday, which gave me time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. I even got to catch the first part of the Friday night Stan Lee event, but I left shortly before he arrived. Hearing about the failed “re-launch” oh Atlas many years back. Most of the comics failed after three issues since they switched writers so quickly in.

Saturday I rolled down to the convention with a friend. I promptly got to work, running food to volunteers and guests. This was a great way to meet artists at the con, and a chance to really see how conventions work. Baltimore Comic Con has in the past few years exploded with popularity. Up until a scant few years ago, the costume contest was held behind a curtain on the main floor. Last year we saw the real boom with this convention, due in part to Stan Lee being a guest. Baltimore Comic Con is also one of the few shows that is still really about comic books. You won’t see washed up wrestlers, reality starlets, and other such silly things here. The people who do run the show really put their all into it. The few hours I helped exhausted me (as did my cold). The lines were in control, everything seemed to move smoothly. Heck, I even met Stan Lee. I also got to make silly faces at Han.

Comic wise I didn’t really check anything else. Everything seemed so artist heavy this year that comics were a second thought. I picked up a ton of new art. I met some fantastic new artists, and harassed a few of my favorites. Everyone involved in this con really does put their heart into it and I love every minute of it. If you have yet to visit Baltimore Comic Con, I urge you to visit next year.

Stan Lee and friends.





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