Wizard World Philly

Philly this year was…unique, to say the least. The bigger hall was a nice touch, but the upstairs and downstairs tomfoolery to get to different rooms was troublesome. I also found it difficult in general to figure out where, precisely, I needed to be for panels and crap.

However, once inside the general con floor, things were laid out fairly decently. Wrestlers were together. Famous people together. Comic things together. Retail things together. It was nice not running across people seemingly randomly tossed together. Another nice part of the new layout was the inclusion of groups and clubs. The 501st had their own table as usual, but there was a sizable group of tables together for other cons, school groups, and other organizations. There was somebody with the artists who had speakers, a mic and a loudspeaker that were just annoying as hell, though. I’m trying to talk to the person at the table next to you; why do I need to listen to your unst unst?

My biggest issue was the lack of places to sit down. There really was no where you could seat yourself, which I guess I am becoming spoiled about with Baltimore Comic Con. I ended up sweet talking my way behind someone’s table to sit on the floor to eat my lunch. Was semi aggravating.

The cosplay photoshoot was kind of neat, but it was poorly organized. It was hard to hear or understand direction, and we only had a flat surface on which to pose. People snapping photos were kind of going crazy and stepping closer and closer to us, which then put them in other peoples’ shots and it was just…kind of funny, actually, watching the guy freak out.

Costume contest was long, as always is. It was nice to see at least one of the judges who knows what the hell he was talking about when judging the costumes, and he definitely gave a damn about presentation and construction. The MC was…pretty terribly unfunny, misogynistic, and hit on the girls far too much for my tastes. Getting really sick of seeing costume contests MC’d by dudes who just want to drool over the contestants like prepubescent teenagers.

Generally, a good con. I like to call it my “hometown” convention, since it was the first I ever went to. It was really nice to get back into the swing of comic cons, since 2010 was a pretty quiet year for me. :’D



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