DC Reboot

I am totally going to have to take back my last post on this.  I won’t make a new one until we know more about what’s going on with this.  I’d rather reserve judgment till I know everything they plan to do.  Though I will admit I am excited to see JLI being brought back.

Something I’ve read lately that I’ve liked is Avengers Academy.  I have been reading this series since it started and I thought it was a promising new title.  It kind of dulled up until now.  I think they have changed writers and this new writer has captured my interest again with how he is shaping these characters.  I cannot wait for the next issue.  If you guys have never read it before I’d suggest picking up the Giant Size issue that was recently released.  You could probably start from there and jump into the series no problem.  Marvel just released a .1 issue of Avengers Academy as well.  If you didn’t know the .1 issues are meant to allow people to jump into a series without having to catch up on issues.



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