Supergirl: Candor

Supergirl is the one female hero I know very little about. Why? Well, without the words ‘Bat’ or ‘Sailor’ in front of Supergirl, I never gave much of a damn. However, something struck me when I saw this book. The cover? No. The stories? Nope. The price: I found it at a con for $5, and that’s a good price. I mean, for $5 can you go wrong? Yes, but only if you’re buying an Aquaman comic.If you’re paying $5 for anything Aquaman*, you are over paying by about 10000000%.

This is a good collection of stories following various events in the not so normal life of Supergirl. My only other exposure to her lies within that one issue of Batgirl, where she was thrown in to help Batgirl fight vampires. The three part story in this graphic novel, also called Candor, is probably the best stuff in here. Candor is collected from Supergirl #7, 8 and 9, and follow her and Powergirl trying to overthrow a crazy power hungry Superman who is dominating a planet of aliens. I don’t know how Superman got there, so it was slightly confusing. I guess because I don’t follow any of the Super people I would be lost. So aside from being a good collection, without some kind of foundation for Supergirl or whatever the fuck is happening in this book, you’ll be lost. I was lost, but I still got through it with my comic book super hero know-how.

Ron Adrian did the best of the art, with Candor Part 3, but honestly every artist that’s in here did a fantastic job. I can say that for the cover price of $14.99, this book is not worth it to a new Supergirl fan. However, if you find it for $5 like I did, pick it up. You can always Google this stuff to catch up.


*Aquaman sucks.


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