I Laugh At Butt Jokes

I hope everyone had a great Free Comic Book Day! I’ll share my thoughts and stories and pictures later (I’m too lazy to upload them right now). For now, I’m gonna share with you guys a pretty funny comic I scored at FCBD 2011.

“i taste sound”, by Mike Riley, can be summed up in one word: Fuckinghysterical. And no, it’s not two words in one, IT’S ONE WORD. The comics are originally from the web (cause it’s a web comic, duh) and are therefore short, sweet, and again, fuckinghysterical. The one liners are smart, and the more than one liners are pretty witty. The art is drawn in an almost childlike manner, which really adds to the comedic value of the one panel goodness. My favorite comics are the butt jokes, because deep inside I’m really just a 12-year-old boy. That kind of sounded wrong, but it is what it is. The best comic out of this book is the ‘My Little Glue’ page. I’ve never intentionally laughed at something I loved as a child in such a sick way so hard in my life. Also, Freudian Slip and Slide? That’s actually the story of my life.

Here, have a look!

Again, these are all one panel stories (ok, save for like, two of them), so the funny is quick and witty. Some of these comics will make you go “Ahahahaha wut” while other’s will make you go “This guy is a genius”. You can buy this book online, or at comic shops, or you can go too http://www.itastesound.com/ to check out more. The artist/writer (Mike Riley, for those of you who forgot from one paragraph ago) is also a talented Baltimore based artist. You can check out his personal work here: http://riley23.blogspot.com/ 




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