Lenore #2

Remember a few months ago when I was really happy about a new Lenore comic coming out and then I never went and picked it up when it came out because I’m both lazy and busy with school at the same time? No? Well I do. And yea, I love me some long run on sentences.

I bought the newest Lenore comic on Sunday, and I can say I laughed my imaginary balls off. In this issue Mr. Gosh, the adorably creepy sock puppet thing, finally realizes Lenore hates him more than I hate Aquaman, and thus decides to move on with his life. By move on I mean move into his families Cupcake Castle. This instantly attracts Lenore, since she is still under the age of 10 (I imagine. I mean, she is a zombie, and I’m pretty sure she died before the age of 10) she does what every good gold digger does. She falls instantly in love with him.

And stalks him.

The love is fleeting. Mr. Gosh in a real character development moment, really tries to get her to go away. I actually feel bad for him, which shows that Roman Dirge has indeed improved over the years as a writer. After all, Mr. Gosh was a piece of shit stalker, and look, I feel bad for him. Mr. Gosh knows Lenore is using him, and to prove to himself (and her) that she is just a gold digger, he blows up the castle. In true Lenore fashion, she leaves him.

This issue was surprisingly ripe with character development. Mostly with Mr. Gosh, but we do get another side to Lenore. Before she was just crazy, but with her gold digging streak in this issue, there’s clearly more to her then killing bugs and having hair hobo’s living in her hair. We also learn that her last name is Lynchfast, and at one time was arrested for something. Possibly killing a small child.

The art has also greatly improved. With the aid of computers comic art in general has (for the most part) become better, and Lenore is one of those comics. I’ve enjoyed watching Dirge grow as both a writer and an artist, even though it takes 173538202 years for a new Lenore comic to come out. I also wish he would release a solo comic called “Things About Me”, as those little extras in the comics are hysterical. I know it’s wrong to laugh at some of the things he’s been through (for instance, he was once on fire), but Dirge realizes this and uses it as a comedic tool, and it works. Roman Dirge is really fucking funny.

So off with you, fair readers! Lenore will not let you down. And if it does, then you suck.




One Response to “Lenore #2”

  1. Liz Says:

    God I love lenore. My mom bought it for me and my sis when hot topic had it in eons ago. its soo great have you seen the animated shorts?

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