Era of the geek?

Let’s be real; For the past few years, it seems that being a geek is the new prep. Big companies are releasing comic themed products (such as Wonder Woman MAC makeup) and key comic books has been breaking records (Detective 27 and Action 1 have sold for over $1 million, respectively). Comic book movies are being hailed as wonderful and nothing short of amazing (Dark Knight), and nerd themed shows are just as popular as uh, well, I don’t know. I don’t watch much television. I assume that Big Bang Theory is just as popular (I hope more so but I would be lying to myself) then Jersey Shore.

So yesterday I went to see ‘Unknown’ in theaters. The movie was fine, but didn’t exactly wet my whistle for awesome sauce movies. However, three trailers in a row were all comic book related: Green Lantern, followed by Thor, followed by X-Men First Class. While the person with me was not excited for these movies at all, I was a giddy little school girl just wanting to run around the theater screaming “IT’S THE AGE OF THE COMIC NERD”, but I didn’t because that would be really stupid. But it’s true! Every summer my soul is lavished with big budget comic book movies. Most of them are good, but some of them are fucking horrible, and no amount of “You should be grateful there’s even a movie!” will not calm my nerves.

In closing, viva la nerd! I’ll ride this trend out and keep it alive well after its dead, let’s just hope all of you band wagoners stay on board.




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