…Are they FLYING?!

One of the many things I don’t like to tell people is that I *adore* anime stage plays…or something. The best one(s) I’ve seen have all been related to Sailor Moon, probably because that’s the only anime I really care about. If you’ve never heard of Sailor Moon, let me break it down for you in a super easy manner:

This chick named Usagi is the re-incarnation of Princess Serenity from the Moon. Back in the day her kingdom was destroyed, and her mother sent her and everyone else to Earth to live a peaceful, non royal life. One day Usagi is going to school when she see’s some asshole kids fucking with a cat. She saves the cat, is freaked out, and is also late for school. Later that night stalker cat finds Usagi in her room, and informs her that she is Sailor Moon. (This is also how Codename Sailor V started out, way to recycle shit, Naoko Takeuchi.) Usagi shouts ‘Moon Prism Power, Make Up!’ turns into Sailor Moon, and goes off to fight evil by moonlight.

This spanned 5 seasons, 18 graphic novels, 3 movies, several specials, a live action show (…) and several Sera Myu shows. It’s worth checking out as it is the only anime I will acknowledge.

Anyhow. The musicals. I can’t really tell you what goes on in them since they’re all different, but they all have a core concept: Some shit goes down, they transform, and then save the world. They also have some sweet music, but you know…it’s Sailor Moon on stage. Much in the same that Disney on Ice is really stupid but kind of entertaining, so are these clips:

Oh my god his shoulder pads.



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