Batman Going International

If you’re like me and read Batman & Robin, you know that Bruce Wayne just announced that he has been Batman’s sponsor to Gotham City.  He has now decided to make Batman an international endeavor and is creating Batman Inc.  This is totally not a spoiler seeing as you can go on DC’s website and see it releasing for Dec oh and also like every other page of a DC comic is just an ad of BATMAN INC.

I’m kinda excited to see how this work out.  But I also wonder if its really necessary seeing as we have JSA, JLA, etc.  I suppose Batman needed his own team to go global.    Batman Inc. has also made it into USA Today  (link).  Morrison’s run on Batman & Robin is ending and he is moving on to write Batman Inc. One chapter has closed and he is moving on to the next.  I’m kinda impressed by how he’s written this plot…and he’s still expanding it.  Even if sometimes you make me shake my head at your writing Morrison, I admire that you have connected everything to come full circle.

Also glad that Bruce has finally gotten over being a loner (or trying to be one).  Creating Batman Inc. shows that he is opening up to his teammates and accepting that he really can’t continue doing this alone.

I also wonder if Batman Inc will offer a benefits package…



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