Batgirl, oh Batgirl.

So for those of you who don’t know, I also write for I do weekly reviews of comics, or comic related things such as movies. Basically it’s no different from what I do here. That being said, this week I wrote about the one shot Batgirl issue where Bruce Wayne returns:

Needless to say, I didn’t like that issue, and Gotham City Sirens is also going in the Oh-God-This-Is-Going-To-Suck-Worse route with the return of that jackass Bruce Wayne. I’m a little surprised I could be a little mad about Batman coming back; He was my childhood hero, and I have the Batman logo tattooed on me (and I thought about getting it done for 3 years before doing it, and I’m very happy with it). So why would I be mad that he’s back?

I’m not mad that he’s back, really. But the way he’s come back as some messiah and everyone’s life is full of roses again is stupid. What if Catwoman moved on? As I said in the Batgirl review, Batgirl didn’t need a “test”. This God-like treatment he’s getting is stupid. And hard to read. I mean, sure, comics in general are pretty silly when you think about it, but this is just beyond the realms of normal silly-ness.

Hopefully in a year or so, everything will be normal. Sort of. As normal as a man wearing underwear over his tights can be.




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