Aw Yea, Titans!

Oh, let me tell you something adorable. Archie and the Tiny Titans are currently in a three-part mini series where the two universes meet in an adorably adorable fashion. In general, I find Tiny Titans to be a really cute comic (it’s also funny), and we all know my obsessive love for Archie, so naturally the two go hand in hand!

Issue 1 came out recently, and oh! So cute! Robin and Archie accidentally got each other’s uniforms because of a simple mix up at the cleaners. Easily fixed. Archie has a tic-tac-toe board on his head, easily loltastic! Mr. Weatherbee is secretly a party animal! Oh my…There’s alot to this kids comic, and I think all us big kids (we are grown men and women talking about men and woman fighting bad guys in tights, come on now) should go get a copy. It’s too cute.




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