Baltimore Comic Con 2010 REPORT

So, for myself, Baltimore Comic Con came and went. Overall, the show was what I expected; A show only about comics. No washed up celebrities, no wrestlers, just comic books. And it was just that, comic books. Steve Conley, Billy Tucci, Greg Horn, and tons of other wonderful guys and gals were there! The dealers had a great selection of books, however I don’t buy comics at comic shows, I just hang around the artist alley. Lots of great artists this year, and there was a heavy focus on kid friendly comics. I really have to give a big kudo’s to Baltimore Comic Con for being a kid friendly show. The only way this hobby will survive is by getting kids interested.

However, something was missing. The show seemed smaller, empty at times! The guest list was amazing, but without DC or Marvel having a booth, it just seemed empty. Granted Top Cow and Image were there, but without either of the big two, it was still…smaller. Of course this con did land the same weekend as the Toronto show, so what can you do? For next year, the show is August 20-21st. I would love to see a stronger influence from DC, Marvel, and Archie. I think the kid friendly direction is the right way to go, and having any Archie people there would be *amazing*. So here’s looking forward to next year! Yay!




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