Marvel Vampires

In the upcoming months Marvel Comics will have a new trend in various comics: Vampires! That’s right kids, now everyone and their mother has joined this band wagon of sparkly or not-so-sparkly vampire fandom, and Marvel will be releasing vampire variant covers (as well as story lines) of all your favorite characters! Such as, Namor! That’s right, not only does he kick more ass then that pansy Aquaman, but he’s a vampire as well. But one must wonder…How the fuck does that even work. Does he feed off of fish? Aquaman? I would pay money to see that.

Archie has also jumped on board, with their own Twilight parody. IDW is releasing the True Blood comic, and I predict in about a year DC will catch up and also have vampire story lines. Hopefully by then this trend will die down (harhar) and we can continue on with more believable things, such as men who can jump tall buildings in a single bound.




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