Comic Book movies and the nerds who hate them

The short of it is, we are a small fraction of people compared to the masses. They make movies for the masses.

The long of it is, should companies cater to nerds? If they did every movie would have to be ret-conned at some point since comic books are constantly changing the history of every character. So what’s a director to do? Movies such as The Dark Knight and Iron Man 1 have proved that you can take a character with a long and complex history,  and make it simple and yet totally amazing. If these movies were to mimic–truly mimic–the comics they are based off of, they would die a terrible death, or wind up like Batman and Robin.

So should nerds just swallow that delicious pride and move on?  No, then life wouldn’t have that spice. However, sometimes we do need to realize these movies are made to make money. Therefore they must be made to appeal to a wider audience. The Dark Knight proved to be a juggernaut of a comic book film to non comic book fans. Iron Man 1 was also amazing, yet Iron Man 2 wasn’t as great, because of Marvel constantly interjecting into making of it.

Which leads me to my next point. Marvel really should have taken a note from the DC/Nolan relationship and let Favreau alone. Iron man 1 did amazingly well, so why screw with a good thing? Ok, sure, he did ask for more money, but he created a solid, money-making movie. So what the fuck, Marvel? Must you screw with everything? Yes, I guess so, otherwise you wouldn’t be Marvel.




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