I don’t like Michael Cera

AKA the “hot nerdy kid” in every movie. I do not understand the appeal. He is just some lanky whiny kid who is not funny, nor can he act. Have you seen any of the movies he’s in? Pretty dead pan, sarcastic, and “smart”. I do not see the appeal. He bores me to tears.

With that being said, would I see Scott Pilgrim? I’ve never read the books, but it looks cute. And colorful. But seriously why do girls fawn over this guy like he’s Elvis. SOMEONE EXPLAIN IT TO ME PLEASE.




2 Responses to “I don’t like Michael Cera”

  1. LarryKoopa Says:

    A better question? Why does not eating meat give you psychic powers?

  2. Marcy Says:

    I didn’t know girls was into Michael Cera.

    I liked him in arrested development, but then again I liked everyone in arrested development!

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