The A-Team

This summer has been chock full of explosive or popular movies from established movie franchises; Iron Man 2, Eclipse, Toy Story 3, ect. The other movies due out this summer are not sequels or third installments. Inception, Robin Hood, and A-Team are just a few examples. While two of these are most likely going to do well or have a sequel respectively, the A-Team has a lot to prove. Based on the horribly awesome 80’s show where no one bleeds or dies, this movie–even before it’s release–was set up for failure simply because it is an A-Team movie. It’s a shame too, because what the fuck were you expecting? Much like how everyone hated Transformers 2, this movie got a pretty bad rap for being unbelievable. That’s all fine and dandy, but if we’re going on realism, why is Toy Story so popular, ditto for Iron Man. You have to give some wiggle room for this movie, otherwise you’ll wind up jaded and alone. It’s true.

First things first. How can anyone not like a movie with Liam Neeson? He is the most bad ass guy on the planet. He killed about 80% of Europe to get his daughter back. He has a bad ass voice. When he says he’s going to kill you, he means it. We all know it so don’t lie to yourselves. So, Neeson plays Hannibal, the A-Team’s leader. And you better believe he is the best guy for the job. When Neeson is in charge, or playing in charge, you will survive and then laugh about it later.

Sharlto Copley, the guy from District 9, plays Murdock. I’m not sure if he was supposed to have an American accent or a South African one, but who cares. Murdock is weird/insane and he plays him perfectly. Oh and he’s hot. Bradley Cooper was great as Face, and Quinton Jackson did an exceptional B.A. You really have to like the main characters, even if you are some prick who’s all “IT ISN’T MR. T THEREFORE IT SUCKS.” Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. Jessica Biel and Patrick Wilson round-up the sexiest cast in an action movie, and are pretty decent in their roles. Hell they could have been mumbling the whole time, but who cares! They’re pretty. And there are explosions to help you forget just how not great of actors they are!

The action in this movie is balls to the wall insane. Lots of explosions, fireworks, fire, and people bleed and they die! It’s amazing. The plot is riddled with holes, but is still more solid than Iron Man 2. It had one direction to go in, and it went there. It captures the spirit of the show, and that’s all I was really looking for. This movie is amazingly awesome and fun to watch. You do not need to think during this film, and since today was around 100 degrees outside, my brain checked out a long time ago. So go and enjoy, and don’t bitch about it! We all know if you’re reading this blog, you (much like myself) enjoy shit blowing up.




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