Toy Story 3: Bring some tissues.

After years of waiting, Toy Story 3 is out. All of us who remember when Toy Story 1 came out probably salivated and creamed our pants in anticipation of the final instalment of one of Pixar’s most popular movies. This movie, did not let me down. The animation has come a very long way in a matter of a decade, and all of the characters look great.

We open with Andy playing with his toys, while his mother records them. Ah, memories! I was also playing with Barbie dolls of my own when this movie came out. In truth I, as well as many people my own age, grew up with Andy. We were all Andy in some way or another, and we could all relate. Well, like us, Andy has grown up and is leaving for college. Also like us, Andy hasn’t played with his toys in years. Some of the toys are gone, such as Weezy and a few others that you will be surprised about. But the core group is there. Andy plans to put most of the toys into the attic, but plans on taking Woody to college. One thing leads to another, and the toys are accidently dropped off at a daycare, where a corrupt teddy bear rules the toys. Hijinks ensue, as we watch our favorite characters attempt an escape.

The story is simple, and easy to follow. There is only one story to follow, unlike other summer movies (IRONMAN2) and you really don’t need to be familiar with the other two movies. It’s that easy, and oh so good. But I must warn you all, you need to bring tissues. I cried like a baby at the end of the movie, and it was hard for me to not bawl out loud. Maybe I’m just sensitive, I don’t know. But it is sad, yet happy at the same time. Go see it, you will not be let down.




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