True Blood what the shit.

Does anyone else watch True Blood? It’s possibly one of the greatest WTF IS THIS SHIT shows I’ve ever seen. Lots of stupid things happen in it. Like Sookie and Bill’s accent. They both sound really gosh darn dumb. If I have to sit through “ERIC I MAHST SAVE BEEEEEEL” or “SOOKEH IS MAHN” one more gosh darn time I will punch my T.V screen. However, the only reason why I watch it?

Pam and Eric. Oh and Sam.

Ok three reasons. But they are ~*beautiful*~ reasons to watch. I love Pam. I would like to be Pam when I grow up. She is truly the Head Bitch In Charge, despite what the show says. She is a fierce bitch, and I have a big girl crush on her. As for Eric? I would hit that with the might of Thor. And Sam is really hot and super adorable. Very shallow reasons, I know. But I can’t find any other real reason to watch. Bill reminds me of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. Constantly getting into trouble or being kidnapped. Next thing you know space witches are gonna pop into the show. IT COULD HAPPEN.




One Response to “True Blood what the shit.”

  1. meh Says:

    Mehh, true blood is a piece of crap…

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