Wizard World Philly 2010

I would have pictures, but my sister took the USB cord for my camera. She’s an asshole.

Well, what a day! I’m fighting the urge to sleep on my laptop, but I want to get this out while everything is still fresh. Last night I didn’t sleep since I was really excited for this con. Last year it was wonderful. This year, it was just as amazing! Han and I did reunite and it was rainbows and unicorns and magic.  The line to get into Wizard World was very easy, since the weather was so nice.

Finally, after an hour (but did not feel like so) we were inside. The con is still “small”, but it was much more crowded than last year. I promptly got autographs for my dad (Patrick Stewart was underwhelming, in case you care) and then walked around for a long time. Han and I eventually met back up and went to Reading Market for lunch. It was delicious. OM NOM.

We then walked some more! I don’t really buy comics at these cons. The most of what I look for is good deals on toys, and there were deals to be had! I got one of those awesome $80 Batgirl dolls (the  1:18 scale ones or something) for $35. I was thrilled. I also got two Sub-Mariner comics for $15. My boyfriend got a bunch of Spider-Man comics.  I even got a nifty Archie puzzle from 1972, but that was after the con!

My only real complaints would be the following;

-I am looking for an Archie 2. Every dealer I asked scoffed and said “Good luck. That comic is rare.” No, unicorns are rare. Do you know why? Because they don’t exist. However, Archie #2 does.

-Crowded. Sweet Jesus it STANK up in that bitch!

On a positive note, I got to see a Pep #22 in person. It would be the second one I’ve seen in real life. I’ve clearly done a lot with my life.

Overall, great con. I’ll go back next year! Yay! 😀




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