No Joker for Batman 3

If you read the internet, you’ve probably already heard that the Joker will not be in the next Batman. I personally am thrilled. Ledger did an amazing job as the Joker, and I feel as though replacing him would be a slap to the face. So, since he is not coming back, here is a list of villains I would like to see:

Catowoman: Probably the most logical choice. Batman needs a love interest, and Catwoman is the perfect  anti-hero.

Harley Quinn: Probably the least likely, I feel she would still be a good side villain, maybe bent on getting revenge for the Joker.

The Riddler: If done right (not Jim Carrey) this character could be *awesome*. Especially if Catwoman was in the next movie.  I feel they balance each other out nicely.

Poison Ivy: This character could be made into a realistic, eco terrorist hell bent on killing the world. It can be done, and I believe Nolan can do her right (zing).

The Penguin: Get rid of the (cute) birds that he had in Batman Returns, and make him a competitor for Wayne, who also happens to be a bad guy. He could be made into one helluva villain.

There are tons of characters to pick from in the Batman universe. Talia Al Ghul would be neat to see, for example. What do you guys think?




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