Convention tips for first timers.

Con season is around the corner, which means there will be a whole slew of con virgins! If this would apply to you, please keep reading. If you have been to more than one con, I suggest you keep reading too. You might learn something.

1- Shower. Please, for the love of God, use proper hygiene at a con. In honesty this should be common sense and should be practiced daily in real life, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. If you want to impress your fellow con goers, please shower, wear deodorant, and try to look like a decent enough human being. I don’t care if you wear a Flash shirt and jeans. Just smell decent.

2- Eat. Yea, you read that. Some people try to pull all day/nighters at various cons. I’ve noticed this is mostly a trend at anime cons (because kids are silly), but again, eat three meals a day. A bottle of Coke, chips, and a candy bar is NOT  meal. Nor is it good for you. Getting away from the con for an hour and refueling will do wonders for you.

3- Sleep. Get at least 6 hours a night, and try to not get more than 8. Usually you’ll be well rested. Again, pulling all nighters is never a good idea, even in college.

4- Bring cash. While most dealers accept credit cards, cash is pretty much the safest bet. It’s up to you how much to bring.

5- Bring a sketchbook! I like keeping sketches I get from artists handy in books.

6- Wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking, and moving, and the floors of most con centers are not comfy. Even in hotels!

7- I highly suggest not looking for love at conventions. Con hookups generally fail, but every so often do work. Meeting people is dandy, but trying to find the one might let you down. Just let love happen, don’t rush into it over the course of a weekend.

There really is so much more I could suggest, but really those seem like a good outline. What do you guys think?




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