Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Movie

Last night I went to my local $4 theater (yes we have one), to see the movie adaptation of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. This is easily one of my favorite kids series, but since book to movie adaptations usually fall flat on their face, I was a little weary going in. The movie overall is really cute. There were some things that were made for the film, and some things that were left out. The use of animation was clever and a great touch.

Zachary Gordon plays Greg, the 12-year-old protagonist we all know and love from the books. Gordon is simply adorable as Greg. He’s pretty convincing too. Greg in the book is mostly a selfish asshole who has to learn right from wrong on his own, and Gordon has that down. Gordon loses some cool points tho, since according to Wikipedia he also plays Young Aquaman’s voice in Batman: Brave And The Bold. And as we all know, Aquaman can die in a fire. Robert Capron plays Rowley, the dimwitted but good-hearted best friend. Capron also plays a great Rowley, and even looks like him. Sort of. I’m not sure how closely one can resemble a stick figure from a book. Devon Bostick plays Greg’s older brother, Roderick, and I think I have a big girl crush on him. I would have been alright with seeing more of him in the movie.

The rest of the cast was more or less decent.

A few of the new things added for the movie, was the invention of the 7th grader Angie–played by Hit Girl/Chloe Moretz–who is supposed to be there as Greg’s conscience. Her character was unneccessary, as Greg has to figure out he’s a tool on his own. The mother-son dance was also just filler, although it was nice to see Greg’s mom get some more screen time. Patty is also very prominent in the movie, and attempts to beat up Greg throughout most of the film.

Much of the humor found in the books is lost in the movie. It still had some hilarious parts, but for the most part is was a cute kids movie. I was not disappointed in it, but I wasn’t overly impressed either. I would probably buy it on DVD just because I would like to see more Diary movies made.




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