The Return of Bruce Wayne

After waiting so long, we finally get the return of Bruce Wayne. The first issue was decent and had moments that made me laugh. It takes a very secure man to wear a pelt of a bat. Also, Bruce Wayne’s life cannot be complete without taking on a boy protegé. And the fact that there is someone named ‘Joker’ there, leads to the theory that they may have always co-existed with each other. Just a theory that my friends were tossing around. I am glad that the second issue will be out next Wednesday. I don’t think I could take it if I had to wait a whole month.

The highlights of this was seeing the symbols carved in the stone (Wonder Woman, Superman, etc.), Vandal Savage (Is there anywhere he won’t be?), Man of Bats with the bat pelt (that made me lol. I couldn’t take it seriously, I’m sorry) and the ending where Superman goes ‘Everyone dies if Bruce is able to return to the 21st Century on his own?’. I can’t wait to see how things play out when Bruce comes back. Another theory my friends and I have tossed around is that maybe Dick and Bruce will both be Batman. They put that idea in my head when in Gotham Sirens, Harley and Ivy tried to get Selena to tell them who Batman was and she said its more than one person.




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