Brightest Day #1

Well, so far the ongoing blackest night saga has been pretty good. I’m still not sure how I feel about the ending of Blackest Night, but I certainly did enjoy it.

I like that DC somehow tied in Bruce Wayne’s “death”, by spinning it into him being lost, rather than dead. While it was a little predictable, I’m also glad Bruce Wayne is not dead. However, that being said, why the fuck did Aquaman come back. Mera was so much more interesting as an angry mermaid bitch then someone who actually loves that assclown Aquaman. They could have kept him dead. I really would have been a lot happier with Mera being miserable and taking it out on people. How cool would that have been!?

Oh, and Deadman coming back. That was also stupid. But he did bring a dead baby bird back to life, and that was kind of awesome. Aside from that, I have nothing else to say about Brightest Day. Hopefully it will be awesome and blow my mind.




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