Free Comic Book Day 2010 has passed…

And I think it went well for myself, and my friend Julie!

We went to 4 stores. I managed to get the comics I actually wanted (well, except the Lady Gaga one), and since this was Julie’s first FCBD, she was just in awe. The first store we went too, Collectors Corner (all of these stores are in or around Baltimore) was out of all of their FCBD books. However, they did have free books, and loads of artists, which made up for it! I got a Batman sketch done by Josh Lyman (, which totally made my morning!

We then headed to Alternate Worlds, which had the books I was looking for. Alternate Worlds is one of the best shops in Maryland, hands down. They had nothing really going on, so we rolled out to Cosmic Comics. They were having a 25% off sale in the entire store, so I picked up two Iron Man variant covers (one for me, one for a pal) and a Flash bust.

Finally, on a whim, we landed at Cards Comics and Collectibles. This is also one of the best stores in Maryland. Mark, the owner, also runs the Baltimore Comic Con, and co-runs the D.C. Comic Con. He actually sells GA books inside of his store. That’s bad ass. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Steve Conley and J.G Jones were giving away free sketches! That’s amazing! However, time was not on our side, so Julie and I could only get one from Steve. Somehow, Jughead was thrown into my Wonder Woman sketch. Not that I’m complaining.

And now, pictures!

 Steve Conley (left), J.G Jones (right)

 Josh Lyman’s sketch

 Steve Conley sketch

All in all, this was a great year. I can’t wait for next year!




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