Archie and Money

“I think ARCHIE (the company) is so desperate for any type of media attention that they will try almost anything to get people to buy their books.”

The above is in reply to Archie and Valerie, the African-American Pussycat, hooking up. Their small media attention pales in comparison to Kevin, but because they fall so close too each other, some people are looking at it as tho Archie is well, desperate for attention. Yes, it does look like this, but if this were any other company doing stuff like this, would you notice? Suddenly, the old school “conservative” world of Archie is branching out, and people are mostly upset by it. And people think they are attention whores. There was media buzz when Chuck Clayton was introduced, and oh hey, Archie did a series of PSA spots about HIV/Aids.

DC and Marvel have tons of interracial and gay characters. Is it ok that they do this since DC and Marvel are more “adult”? I was reading Batman in the early 90’s as a kid, and nothing DC did to him shocked me and made my parents go ape shit. However the white washed world of Archie, almost untouched since 1942 does something socially “radical” and people go nuts. To the adults reading this who are upset by these changes, have you read an Archie comic in recent years? To fill you in, Sabrina told Jughead she’s a witch. In the same issue, Jughead lost his metabolism and actually has to work out to shed all of the extra poundage he put on. That’s a pretty bold step for them. Having an overweight Jughead actually need to work out? Amazing. They just showed kids that over eating is bad for them.

No really, have you read them. They have really been moving forward with society. With interracial dating and a gay character, I feel they have started to take amazing steps in making all children feel welcome into Archie’s world. If you’re a kid with a white dad and a black mom, wouldn’t you be happy to see Archie and Valerie hook up? What if you’re a gay kid? Sometimes you need to think big picture instead of “WELL WHEN I WAS A KID…” Sorry bub, but your ship sailed at least a few decades ago.

To Archie, I say bravo. They deserve this kind of media attention just like any other comic book publisher does.




One Response to “Archie and Money”

  1. scarletsculturegarden Says:

    This sounds a bit mad but at least they’re moving with the times! It would be really dated if they didn’t have these kinds of things going on in them!

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