Free comic book day 2010

Did anyone notice that there seems to not be as many free comics offered this year? Or at least that’s what it looks like on the FCBD website. Oh well, I’m still really excited. What are your plans for FCBD? What about memories? I always seem to miss the actual day. Last year I did remember, and went to a few shops. One store limited each customer to three comics a piece. Another let you go wild. My LCS held a book or two for me! But usually I miss it by a week. I know, I’m so smart.




2 Responses to “Free comic book day 2010”

  1. Mary Says:

    My local shop only offered two for us to take home, a fairly good sale on all products, but it was worth it because John Beatty was there giving out custom drawn head shots for those who spent more then $25 at the store. I got Poison Ivy 🙂

  2. Girls with Comics Says:

    Thats awesome!

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