Batwoman is a lesbian

The current Batwoman, Kate Kane , is a lesbian. The new Batwoman kicks some total ass too. However, when Batwoman was first introduced in Detective #233, she was actually a love interest for Batman, who was accused at the time by society of being gay with Robin. ‘Seduction of the Innocent’ tried to out comics as being terrible, and full of things that are against good, decent people (. . . . . . . . . .). Heck, the author even cited that Wonder Woman was gay.

The original Batwoman was a good idea, despite what she was intended as. She could fight crime, and do many things Batman could do. Yet her weapons were made to look like things such as lipstick, ect. Thankfully this crappy Batwoman (yes, she was crappy) was replaced by Barbara Gordon, also known as the original gangster Batgirl.

So now Batwoman is back for good and is the lead in the new Detective Comics. From what I know, she can kick your head in with her foot, and knock your junk into your brain with her fists. I like that she is the exact opposite of what she once was. She is a deadly female weapon. Congrats, DC, I think I like Batwoman better than Batman!



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