Dear parents who don’t know what rated ‘R’ means…

Last year I saw Watchmen in theaters multiple times because my boyfriend loved it. Every single time there would be some parent inside of the theater will a young (like, under 10) child. I realize many of these parents were duped by the whole “Based on a graphic novel/comic book” thing, but the movie was rated ‘R’. That means if you’re under 17, THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR YOU. Just because they have capes doesn’t mean your kids should be watching it. There is super hero porn. Would you let your kids watch that just because Buttman is doing Twinkie The Boy Wonder?

So now parents are up in arms over Kick Ass…which is rated ‘R’. Ok, Hit Girl uses foul language, who gives a shit IT’S A MOVIE. I’m not going to blame the movie, I’m going to blame the fucking stupid parents who take their 10-year-old to a rated ‘R’ movie. I don’t want to see or hear your stupid child crying about how gory Kick Ass is, and I did not enjoy hearing ‘WHY IS THAT BIG BLUE PENIS SO BIG’ either. Rated ‘R’ usually means strong language, nudity, and sexual crap. If you are still hellbent on taking your kid to see the movie despite that and get angry that the movie was not kid friendly, you are a terrible parent.



One Response to “Dear parents who don’t know what rated ‘R’ means…”

  1. scarletsculturegarden Says:

    Yay! Nice rant! Irresponsible parents are everywhere and if I had a kid who was under the recommended age limit I so would ban them frmo seeing it – I can’t believe some poor kids were put through Watchmen, it’s so OTT on the violence and sex! Disgraceful…

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