Death in comic books.

A while back, say, 92 or so, DC decided to kill off Superman. I remember when this event happened. I was in elementary school, and had been visiting my local comic shop (at that point) very regularly. I didn’t care for Superman as a child, and as an adult I could still give a shit. My Dad on the other hand, loves Superman. We had heard about the possible death of the Mon of Steel a little bit before, and when we got to the comic shop, my young eyes were confused and amazed by grown men wearing black in honor of the fallen Superman.

And then, the next issue, he came back.

Recently, Captain America and Batman were both killed off. Both, have come back (or are comic back). While the idea of a comic character dying is good on paper, rarely do any of the publishers keep the guy dead. If you want to make a statement, keep the guy or girl dead. Do not bring them out from another planet or say they were stuck in time. They’re not Doctor Who. They are not some magical time lord. Just keep them dead. While I may not be thrilled with Bruce Wayne being dead (because I’m not), I would respect you much more if he would just stay dead. No, he’s coming back.

This would also be why modern comics blow loads. The only series worth a damn right now is Lenore, which is published maybe 2 times every 10 years.




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