Iron Man and Batman are the same

Two of my favorite men in the comic book world have striking similarities. After a topic on Facebook about who is better (the answer: neither are better), I was inspired to well, write this post.

The basic similarities are there: Both were inspired by some life trauma to become a super hero. Batman’s parents were killed in front of him, while Iron Man was captured and held prisoner in a cave by terrorists. Both decide after that to fight for justice and good, and hence both create characters that they can fight justice as. Tony and Bruce are both rich thanks to what their parents had built before them. Both are seen as play boys, sleeping with loads of women and then kicking them out in the morning (per say).

Both have a network of allies, and foes who can double as such. Robin, War Machine, Pepper Pots, Alfred, Catwoman and Black Widow. Both are a part of a team of super heroes. Both also built their primary weapon in a cave. While Stark went on to re-build his Iron Man suit in a more suitable setting, Wayne decided to stick with his good old Batcave. What Iron Man lacks however, is sweet as rides. Batman has the Batmobile, the Batchopper, the Batcycle, a submarine, a boat, a plane, and possible a seahorse just for the hell of it. Iron Man’s suit is his primary mode of transportation, which really cuts down on space inside of his never-ending mansion.

What Iron Man is not, is a bad ass detective. Before Batman had all of his awesome gadgets, he was an actual detective. He had to use his brain to figure things out, and still does. Iron Man relies heavily on his armour, but he’s still a smart guy. What Stark has, that Wayne doesn’t, is a love for alcohol. Wayne on the other hand seems to be the last stop before any of his allies die. I’m not sure which is worse.

At the end of the day, I like both. I prefer Batman to Iron Man, but they are frankly the same guy.




2 Responses to “Iron Man and Batman are the same”

  1. scarletsculturegarden Says:

    Yay, girls with comics, it’s about time! And yes, Iron Man and Batman are pretty much the same but I like Batman better because he’s darker. Iron Man is a bit like a cheap rip-off but he’s still good!
    Nice site!

  2. Jean-Michel Zonderop Says:

    Honestly, i’m starting to think Stan Lee and Jack Kirby weren’t as ‘brilliant’ as they’re claiming to be. Sure, there’s Spiderman, the X-men and the Fantastic Four, and they’re all great characters, but then i’m starting to see so many characters that are really simular.
    You could say they were inspired, like in this case, with Batman and Iron Man. But then again, if you take Hawk Eye and Mockingbird for instance, they seem to have quite a bit in common with Green Arrow and Black Canary.
    Now i don’t want to go as far as accusing anyone, it’s just something that’s starting to dawn on me and i’m finding it a dubious thing. Hmmmm.

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