Arkham Asylum 2

To be honest, I’m not halfway through Arkham Asylum 1, but this game is one of the best video games I’ve ever played. The graphics are stunning, the story is great, and the voice overs from the anime series are an exceptional touch. The choice of characters is great too; The Joker as the main boss is a clear choice. Not including Catwoman in the first game was also a great idea, since I feel she is just as important as Joker, and the two can’t really share a spotlight. I feel they would both somehow be shafted if they wound up in the same game as villains.

The wonderful thing about Catwoman is her ability to be a hero and a bad guy. Even when she is being bad, you can’t help but root for her. Hopefully if she is in the sequel, we can see her in both roles, as well as Batman’s love interest. I would also like to see her in the upcoming Batman movie. It only makes sense since Batman needs a love interest, and having her in that dual role would make for a very interesting story on the big screen. But I digress! The next game, no matter whom the villains are, will most likely blow me away. Hopefully this will mean a franchise of Batman games from here on out. What I don’t want to see is the Justice League get involved. If you suddenly included Superman, Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern in these games, I feel it would take away from the Batman feel, and somehow the other hero would become the main attraction.




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