Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire

If you have not been reading Blackest Night (and why haven’t you?!), you may not know this. Wonder Woman, after becoming one of the Black Lanterns, was turned into a Star Sapphire because of how much she loves Earth. I adore this a great deal, because Wonder Woman is a bad ass, as are the Star Sapphires. However, her key point in turning into a SS…was by kissing an imaginary Batman.


I know I’ve been out of the loop for a long time, but I don’t ever recall Wonder Woman and Batman ever having feeling’s for each other aside from friendship. I simply don’t like the idea that the writers decided she needed a “kiss” from Prince Charming to become a super-super hero. Was her own will and love not strong enough to prove her having a ring? Is Batman’s kiss really validating her to become a guardian of love? It’s pretty insulting to assume that Wonder Woman really need’s a dead guy to prove her awesome abilities, and she really is a strong enough character on her own where they could have made her a Sapphire without Batman’s (or a man’s) help. So, Greg Rucka, shame on you.




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