Justice Society on Smallville

This is honestly the first Smallville episode (or movie, whatever) that I have ever seen. I am NOT a Superman fan, but I respect the fact that Superman was the first superhero and had a huge impact on modern comics. However, he’s too “perfect” and is annoying and I don’t like him.

But I love the Justice Society, so I was intrigued.

It was well, almost a let down? I’m not sure how else to describe it. I couldn’t follow it very well since I’m not familiar with the Smallville canon, but I was still excited to see Dr. Fate, Hawkman, and the Star Spangled Kid on T.V, and I was especially excited to see The Flash and the Green Lantern. Yet the last two got very little air time, since I guess they both knew this shit was whack. Who knows, but whatever, it was better than nothing.

BUT, the worst part? The goddamn Batman voice Hawkman was using. Fuck you Christian Bale, look what you’ve done to our superhero’s. They all sound like they need a fucking throat drop and smoke 7 packs a day. That’s fucking stupid. The director should have really stepped in and said “NO BATMAN VOICE.” Jesus fuck, it was obnoxious.

I then turned the T.V off a half hour before it ended because I started to fall asleep. Better luck next time, I guess.




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