Spider-Man 4/Reboot

So as many of you may have heard, the guy who directed 500 Days Of Summer will be doing the next Spider-Man movie, which will be a reboot of the (rather successful) franchise. Spider-Man 1 isn’t even 10 years old yet, and already Marvel wants to re-start the franchise. While they can really do whatever the hell they want with their property, it puzzles me greatly. Tobey Maguire is still widely known as the famous NYC web slinger to the general, non comic book reading public. While I’m not saying this will cause an uproar with the general movie going public, it may confuse them, and it may hurt the next movie’s financial success.

Of course I could be wrong and the next movie could be the best thing since The Dark Knight. I also said that about Watchmen and wanted to stab my eyes out with Silk Specter action figures over how bad the movie was. Of course, when I re-watched the Spider-Man movies late last year, I found that they are pretty dated, and CGI has come a long, LONG way since then. Watching Spidey fly through the air really just makes me cringe over how stupid it looks. However Spidey’s poor CGI is nothing compared to the shit fest that was Spider-Man 3. While not the worst thing I’ve ever seen grace a movie screen, it’s really fucking horrible.

The worst part about the third movie? I went to buy my boyfriend the three Spider-Man movies on Blu Ray a while back. Only 3 is sold separately. If you want the first two, you have to buy them in a pack of three, so your guarantee’s to get that fucking third movie. There is no middle ground. You’re stuck with that crap fest. Of course the first two may be bought individually at one point, but at Christmas 09 that was unheard of.

But I digress! I’m hesitant about the new Spidey mostly because I feel it’s too soon. If you may recall, people felt this way when Batman Begins came out. We still had the stale taste of Bat-Nipples in our mouths, and if I remember Batman Begins didn’t do super awesome in theaters. However, when it was released on DVD/cable people saw how fucking amazing it was, which led to the Dark Knights fucking KILLER box office hit. Jesus fuck that was a good movie.

Whatever it may be, I’ll still see it in theaters.




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