Betty and Veronica are the same girl.

As some of you may know, I have a big spot in my heart for Archie comics. As a kid they were a valuable source of entertainment, and as an adult they are a valuable source of nostalgia, and something I now collect actively. Growing up though I never fancied Betty nor Veronica, though as I’ve gotten older I can say I prefer Veronica of the two. I’ve always liked the other girls of the Archie universe; Cheryl Blossom, and especially Katy Keene. I also like Suzie and Ginger, however both characters are pretty much forgotten by fans who don’t actively collect golden age comics. There is a new character named Ginger whom Betty and Veronica hang out with, but it’s not the same girl.

Archie himself is the most one-dimensional character I’ve ever read, but thats not a bad thing. He’s girl crazy, clumsy, but a typical nice, all American type guy. Betty is your typical girl next door, and Veronica is that rich bitch you all loved to hate and hated to love in high school. Their personalities are like night and day, but they’re honestly the same girl. All girls are capable of being nice and sweet, and haughty and rude. Hell, aside from the different color hair they look exactly the same. However, it’s a dynamic that has worked for well over 60 years, so who gives a shit.

My favorite character however, is Jughead Jones. In my opinion he seem’s to be the most complex character; woman-hater (yet has had a few girlfriends in the past), aloof, a pig, but means well. He’s usually Archie’s go to guy for advice, and Jughead gives pretty good advice (even if it’s usually “Go with Betty she’s sane”). Jughead has even shown his softer side for Betty, commenting that if he weren’t a woman-hater, he would date her. He’s had many girlfriends in past issues, and frankly he is a charmer. He obviously likes women, but doesn’t want to end up like his best friend Archie, meaning he doesn’t want to be an asshat.

The rest of the cast is just as fun. Dilton, the smart nerdy guy is as sweet as pie, while Reggie is an asshole who deserves to get hit by a car. Either way, this series deserves, and will be here, for another 60 years.

Also if anyone has an Archie #2 for sale I’m very willing to buy it.




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