HBO shows Watchmen almost every day.

To answer ‘Who watches the Watchmen’ questions, I have an answer: My Dad. He has watched Watchmen almost every single day. He recorded it on his DVR, and every time I come home or walk by the den, there he is, fascinated by the movie. He refuses to read the graphic novel (he’s 60, and can pretty much do what he wants) so he watches the movie. Eventually I plan to make him watch the director’s cut, which is leaps and bounds better than the theatrical version.

However, the ‘Ultimate Watchmen’ cut sucks Dr. Manhattans balls. That version is the directors cut, along with ‘Tales of The Black Freighter’ and a few extra scenes sewn in. It feels like it’s 20 hours long, when it’s really around 3. It’s impossible to get through. My boyfriend bought that version on Blu-Ray because he’s a bigger nerd then I am. I can’t stand that version, but I love the directors cut.

Yet I digress! My Dad didn’t like the movie at first when he got it from Netflix. I had seen the movie multiple times with my boyfriend in regular theaters, as well as movie theater IMAX (which is not as big as science center IMAX). It did grow on me, but it’s still a lack luster movie. The acting, even in the director’s cut, it mostly stiff and hard to get through. Visually though, the movie is breathtaking. I could easily watch the movie on mute for 20 hours and enjoy it greatly.




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